Temperature Sensor Manufacturer

C-Temp International provides design and manufacturing solutions for custom temperature sensor applications.
Our design experience and production capabilities offer quick deliveries to meet the most demanding needs.

Whether you have a build to print or build to spec or need a design from “scratch,” our staff is ready to support your project needs.
Although we serve most industries, we have a great deal of experience in supporting:

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We build custom temperature sensors and have been for over 31 years. For clients with a drawing, SCD or specification, we have production facilities well suited for manufacturing and assembling customer designed temperature sensors. C-Temp stocks a large variety of components suitable for custom building sensors including ANSI type thermocouple elements, sheath material, wire, cabling, connectors, and special housings. We offer quick-turn prototype builds and built in the USA. For very high volume builds, we off-shore manufacturing capability to satisfy the most cost demanding applications.

C-Temp International has in-house design engineering for potential customers that do not have a formal specification/SCD or drawing. Our team can help with creating a formalized specification that can be used to solicit cost proposals.

At C-Temp, we can customize any part of the temperature sensor.   We have many years of experience with adapting sensor technologies to better fit the custom temperature sensor application. This customizing approach provides flexibility for you to maximize your design requirements. Other advantages of our custom temperature sensor design approach are reliability, sensor accuracy, lower per unit cost, and lower lifetime cost.

We make it easy for you to take your design concept to construction, reliably, quickly and on budget.


C-Temp International is in the business of providing custom thermal sensors. We design, integrate and manufacturer custom thermal sensors for any industry or application. We take our manufacturing “know-how” and industry experience to design and build customized thermal sensors. For sensor types requiring thermocouple elements, we use common base metal types such as J, H, T, E, & N to meet customer specified requirements. We offer customized element options including exposed junctions, special junction limits, grounded, ungrounded, or element junctions on welding pads. At C-Temp, we can customize element protection tubes to provide shield against potential hazards that might damage the integrity of the sensor element. Common sheath material is stainless steel and Inconel.

Very common customization is the element/sheath to the cable assembly using transitions to mate the element and cabling. Transitions provide attachment/connection flexibility and can also offer ease of manufacturing assembly. Cable assembly materials include fiberglass insulated wire, fiberglass with stainless steel (SS) overbraid, stainless steel flex cable, and fiberglass insulated wire SS flex cable.

Our thermal sensor design integration and manufacturing experience will provide you an advantage when developing you custom thermal sensor. Let us proof our claim to be responsive, precision and quality in everything we build.